Brent Everett

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Brent was born in 1984 in Canada, and he played in several bareback movies, like "Barebacking Across America" when he was 18, but all these movies were shot with his boyfriend Chase McKenzie.

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     Videography of Brent Everett

  1. Barebacking Across America , 2003 (Tipo Sesso)
  2. Man Play 10 , (TitanMen)
  3. Cruising It , 2003 (Studio 2000)
  4. My Over-stuffed Jeans , 2003 (Catalina)
  5. Boyland , 2003 (All Worlds)
  6. Navy Blues: Deeper in the Brig , 2003 (Centaur Films)
  7. Little Big League , 2004 (Channel 1 Releasing)
  8. Lookin' for Trouble , 2004 (Channel 1 Releasing)
  9. Schoolboy Crush , 2004 ([[Cobra Video]])
  10. Bareboned Twinks , 2004 ([[Cobra Video]])
  11. Wicked , 2005 (Channel 1 Releasing, Rascal Video - Directed by [[Chi Chi LaRue]])
  12. Best of Brent Everett , (CruisingForSex)
  13. Aaron's 19th Birthday , (CruisingForSex)
  14. Cruisemaster's Road Trip 5 , (CruisingForSex)
  15. Sex Motel , (CruisingForSex)
  16. Super Soaked , 2005 ([[Falcon Studios]] - Directed by [[Chi Chi LaRue]], stars with [[Roman Heart (porn star)|Roman Heart]])
  17. Little Big League 2: 2nd Inning , 2006 (Channel 1 Releasing)
  18. Wantin' More , 2006 (Triple X Studios)
  19. Starting Young 2 , 2006 (Channel 1 Releasing, Rascal Video)

     Last movie of Brent Everett (en 2006)

Starting Young 2 (Channel 1 Releasing, Rascal Video)

    Movie with Brent Everett (en 2004)

Lookin' for Trouble , 2004 (Channel 1 Releasing)

     Next moviewith Brent Everett

Sized Up... un futur DVD de Chi Chi LaRue

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