Artistic Photos : Gian Paolo Barbieri
"Tahiti Tattoos" by Gian Paolo Barbieri

Discover the work of Gian Paolo Barbieri, if you still don't know him, his photographies are simply magnificient, they enlighten the natural man in his whole inner beauty throught native Tahitians portraits.

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Aristic Photos : James Bidgood
Pink Narcissus, Water Colors, Wiilow Tree, First Cover, White Guitars, Holidays by James Bidgood

Discover the work of James Bidgood,, if you still don't know him, his photographies are beautiful and imaginatives, they return a kitsch atmosphere reminding American musical comedies.

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Artitic photos : Herb Ritz
Fred with Tires, by Herb Ritts

This very famous photographer took many beautiful pictures of stars, and his work is worth beeing watched. Let's discover his work on his web site, where several images are available in small format.

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Gaypride Paris , the pictures

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Gaypride Paris 2000

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